Basketball season runs in our Winter months and is held at the Union Township Civic Center on Sundays.  Open for all ages from toddler to adults. 

We work in conjunction with Top Soccer that is available in both Spring and Fall Seasons.  We will have a lot more info as we approach the end of summer.

Here is some information on the 2024 Baseball Season. 

Hello, SnapDragons!  

Baseball registrations are now open.  The link is at the bottom of this page.  I suggest you read on, though, before you hit the link.

Once again this year, we will be playing at Tealtown Ballpark.  However, we are splitting out the very young players to a development team that will be coached by Amber Olson.  That team will be at Clepper Park.  We plan to put our players in one of 3 groups:

  • Tealtown Seniors – These are players that can field sharply hit balls and do not need a buddy on the field to help protect them.
  • Tealtown JV – These are players who want to play “real” baseball, but may need help fielding, batting, running the bases, etc.
  • Clepper Development – These are the very young or very inexperienced who do not really understand the rudiments of the game yet.  If this helps, this would be equivalent to the Lime Dragons in basketball.

When you register, you will also see a “Pool Team”.  If you are not sure what level to place your player, if you put them in the Pool Team we will get with you to do an initial placement.  It is very easy to change team assignments, so do not stress too much about picking the right team.

Our schedule will be as follows:

  • The Tealtown teams will again play on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Our first practice is Tuesday, May 7th and our season will run until Thursday, July 17th
  • The Clepper Park team will play on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  They will start on Wednesday, May 8th and end on Thursday July 17th.

We are going to try to schedule some games with other teams like we did last year.  We also may go to a Reds game as a group!!!  We are doing our best to make this a fun year.

If you are trying baseball for the first time, I suggest you NOT go out and buy a bunch of equipment prior to the season.  We have some loaner/shared equipment and let’s be sure you athlete likes baseball.

We strongly encourage everyone to sign up for text messages.  We use text messages for reminders, and also for any last minute weather cancellations.  If you signed up for baseball messages last year, you are already in.  If not, text these 2 words: subscribe bball  to 5139861419. Pretty easy.  One of my sons and I wrote the system and you will NOT get any spam from this service. 

Some hints on Registration:

We use Demosphere.  If you have signed up for Soccer, or for 2023 basketball, you should already have profiles in the system.  Just hit the appropriate check boxes and you should be good to go.

Registrations are open now and will be open until May 1st.  At that time, we will order uniform shirts.  If something happens and you try to register after that, we will reopen it, but you may not get a shirt at the same time as the other players.

During our basketball registration process, we had some issues with emails.  The same email address cannot be used twice within the Demosphere system.  I discussed this with the support team.  They confirmed it.  However, they pointed out that the email address is only required once (Parent 1).  If you are using the same address for parent/guardian/player, it only needs to be entered once.  Leave it blank if you do not have a different address to enter.

If you have registration issues, I will bring a computer to the first couple practices/games, or you can email me and I will look at it.

Here you go!  Here is the registration link:

Good luck. 

General Information on Cheerleading coming soon