The Snapdragons organization was formed in 2004 by the parent of a Special Needs Student at Glen Este Elementary School.  She reached out to the school administrators and asked for gym time one night a week.  She then reached out to other special needs families, the group started playing every week, and the Snapdragons were formed.    The word quickly spread, and within a couple years the weekly gym time became an organized league.  

Our league has grown rapidly since then.  We have an active Cheer Squad, and as of this year we have over 140 Athletes in Basketball alone.  

For many years basketball was our only program.  However, in 2013, many of the Snapdragons players who also played baseball had aged out of Little League.  A few parents approached the leadership at Tealtown Ballpark and ever since the Snapdragons have been warmly welcomed at Tealtown.

Many of our players also play TopSoccer, so the Snapdragons took on organizing practice fields and supporting our players in the TopSoccer organization.  That partnership remains strong.

We now have over 200 families participating in our programs.  We are constantly looking for new way to engage Special Needs families and to grow the footprint of our organization.